9 Most Spectacular Tampa Bay Sunset Viewing Spots

Tampa Bay Sunset

If you are hunting for the most breathtaking and beautiful sunsets in the world, you better make your way to the stunning Tampa, FL.

From the iconic Tampa Bay sunset view from rooftop bars to the renowned sunset in Clearwater Beach, Florida, this beautiful coastal city has some of the best places to watch the most beautiful sunsets.

Witness the sun’s glorious descent into the horizon in any of these 9 Tampa Bay viewing spots.


1) Get Cozy At The M. Bird Rooftop Bar

Perched in a prime west-facing location, M. Bird Rooftop Bar offers an outstanding view of the breathtaking Tampa Bay sunset.

Let the anticipation of watching the sunset build as you settle into your cozy seats in the best spot in the bar. The panoramic view from the bar will allow you to take in every detail of the natural masterpiece.

So, grab a drink, find a spot, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature’s artistry.


2) Sail Into The Sunset In Clearwater Beach, Florida

The lively atmosphere and stunning shores of Clearwater Beach hold a special place in the hearts of sunset enthusiasts.

To make the most of your Clearwater trip, embark on a tropical Clearwater sunset cruise. Sail along the tranquil waters, basking in the golden hues of the Tampa Bay sunset. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the renowned green flash on your boat cruise.

Bring your camera, find a comfortable spot, and let the sunset in Clearwater Beach, Florida become a memory you will treasure forever as you sip a complimentary champagne toast.

But don’t be so quick to leave; you can also watch the sunset at Pier 60. The nightly sunset celebration at Pier 60 is filled with street performers, captivating audiences with diverse talents.

From musicians to magicians, it’s an excellent spot to catch one of the most beautiful sunsets in Tampa Bay. The celebration begins about an hour before dusk and continues until an hour past sundown.

Apart from Clearwater Beach, check out these top beaches for the best sunsets:

  • St. Pete Beach

  • Treasure Island

  • Pass-a-Grille Beach

Clearwater Beach Sunset


3) Enjoy Fresh Seafood At Dunedin Marina

Located west of Tampa Bay, Dunedin Marina serves as one of the best places to watch sunsets in Tampa, FL. You have probably heard of its Scottish celebrations and charming downtown. But it has more to offer, especially to sunset lovers.

Let the beauty of Tampa Bay unfold right before you as you fish or enjoy a meal at the marina. The reflections of the sunset create a mesmerizing dance of light, adding to the magic of the bay area.

Dunedin Marina


4) Unwind At The Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

If you don’t want beach sunsets, how about park sunsets? The Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park is a top spot to watch the sunset in Tampa Bay.

Find a cozy vantage point to watch the sunset unfold on the green lawn or a seat on the park benches. The combination of the park’s scenic view of Tampa Bay and the stunning sunset creates a truly magical atmosphere.

Whether with friends, family, or special someone, this is an ideal setting to relax, unwind and witness nature’s breathtaking show.


5) Witness Dolphin In The Sunset At Salt Shack On The Bay

Settle into your seat at Salt Shack On The Bay as the amazing view of the inviting waters of Tampa greets you.

As the sun sinks, the sky creates a beautiful display of oranges, pinks, and purples. But that’s not all; keep your eye out for dolphin sightings.

Salt Shack On The Bay is known as a haven for these magnificent creatures gracefully swimming through the bay at sunset. So, get the front-row seat of the sunset and possible encounters with dolphins.

Dolphin In The Sunset At Salt Shack On The Bay


6) Unplug At Ballast Point Park

Experience a memorable evening at Ballast Point Park, where you will find a great spot to watch the sunset in Tampa.

This beautiful park offers a tranquil atmosphere creating the perfect setup to enjoy the breathtaking view of Tampa Bay.

Find the perfect spot on a comfy patch of grass or a bench by the water’s edge before it starts setting. You can also get a great view of the Downtown Tampa skyline from the bay.

Here are other prime parks that offer a great view of the sunset in Tampa Bay:

  • Sand Key Park

  • Fort DeSoto Park

  • Pier 60 Park

  • Mckay Playfield

  • Honeymoon Island State Park

Ballast Point Park


7) Walk In The Sunset At Courtney Campbell Causeway

The most relaxing sunset experience in Tampa? A long walk on the Courtney Campbell Causeway!

This iconic spot is popularly known as one of the best places to watch the sun dip in Tampa, and it’s not hard to see why.

The causeway connects Old Tampa Bay and Clearwater, so you will have enough trail for fishing, walking, biking, skating, or just parking.

Perched on the glistening waters of Tampa Bay, the causeway provides an unobstructed view of the horizon, making it the perfect spot to watch the grandeur of the sunset.

Whether you go for a stroll or find a comfortable spot to sit, catching sunsets at the causeway promises an unforgettable experience. Feel the sense of serenity and awe wash past you as the sky puts on an evening show.


8) Bring Your Furry Friend To Davis Islands Beach

Davids Islands Beach is undoubtedly one of the best places to watch the sunset in Tampa Bay.

The hidden gem in Tampa, FL has a beautiful beach sunset that will absolutely take your breath away, and you don’t have to leave the bay.

Let the anticipation build as you walk on the soft sand of the beach. You’ll witness the sky transforming into a masterpiece of vibrant colors painting a scenic backdrop against the sparkling Tampa Bay waters.

And the best part? You can bring your pup to the Davis Island Dog Beach.

Don’t forget to bring your blanket to sit on as you witness the most beautiful beach sunsets beyond the horizon.

Dob Beach Davis Islands Beach


9) Take A Stroll At Tampa Riverwalk

Get ready for a memorable experience as you watch the beautiful sunset along the Tampa Riverwalk in Downtown Tampa. It’s the perfect location to witness the breathtaking beauty of Tampa Bay at dusk.

The downtown skyline serves as an enchanting backdrop to watch the sunset. As the city lights twinkle and the atmosphere becomes a blend of tranquillity and excitement, you discover the magic of Tampa Bay.

Whether taking a leisurely walk or sipping on a refreshing drink at a nearby café, Tampa Riverwalk is an ideal setting to bid farewell to the day.

Tampa Riverwalk, Downtown Tampa


Catch A Glimpse Of The Magnificent Tampa Bay Sunset

Undeniably Tampa Bay provides some of the best places to watch sunsets. From the beautiful parks and marinas to the iconic Riverwalk and Causeway, each location offers a unique experience to witness the breathtaking sunsets that grace the horizon.

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