Team Building Activities Tampa - 7 Ideas To Inspire Your Team

Team Building Activities Tampa

 Tampa is already a stunning vacation spot with lots of fun things to do from downtown Tampa to the outskirts of the city, but did you know it’s also a great place for team-building activities?

Whether you want to stroll along the Hillsborough River and enjoy the sites and scenes of the Tampa Riverwalk for an easy-going team bonding experience, or you’re searching for fun team-building activities to boost the excitement for your next corporate event, you’ll find tons of company-worthy group activities in Tampa!


1) Spend A Day On The Water For Your Next Team Building Event

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a team-building experience is to simply change up the environment and get your employees out of the office for a few hours. At The Tropics Boat Tours, you can rent a private charter that accommodates up to 126 passengers for a day of fun team-building activity that won’t blow the company budget.

We offer catering packages and drink options and can take you to just about any destination you’d like along the waterways of Tampa for a perfect team-building activity your crew will never forget.

Get in touch with our private charter coordinator on the website or by phone to schedule your next unforgettable corporate event!

A Day On The Water For Your Next Team Building Event

2) Discover Virtual Team Building Activities To Bring Remote Workers Together

If you’re looking for team-building activities for remot                                                              e employees, Tampa has myriad options for you to choose from. One of the most popular team-building activities in Tampa for remote teams is to join the fun online and use problem-solving skills to complete puzzles, create new inventions, or escape a virtual room by working together.

You don’t have to be in the same room to build team spirit! These fun team-building activities are available and here are just a few you can choose from:

  • Virtual In It To Win It

  • Outback Team Building

  • Escape The Virtual Mob

These team-building activities are great for offices that want to include employees who may not be able to attend a traditional corporate event in person. Be sure to reach out in advance to ensure you get all the details for your remote corporate events.

Virtual Team Building Activities To Bring Workers Together

3) Engage In Outdoor Team Building Activities To Build Excitement In Your Team

For office employees looking to stretch their legs and get out of the corporate environment, there’s nothing quite like getting outside to enjoy the fresh air with a fun team-building activity under the sun! When hosting team-building events in the great outdoors, you have nearly endless options to choose from.

You could take your team to an adventure park where they can test their limitations on obstacle courses, building trust in their coworkers by taking their team building to new heights in a treeline net course. You could even embark on a scavenger hunt across the Tampa Bay area to test your employee’s problem-solving skills across the city.

There may be tons of options, but here are some of our favorite team-building activities to do outdoors in Tampa:

  • TreeHoppers

  • TopGolf

  • Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunts

Tons of team-building activities are sure to engage and inspire your team. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures, creative challenges, or collaborative experiences, Tampa Bay has it all!

Team Building Scavenger Hunt Activity

4) Team Building Activities That Help Your Employees Blow Off Steam

Another great way to engage in team-building activities in Tampa is to let your employees and coworkers blow off steam in an appropriate way. Why create a team-building event for your crew that literally lets them take their frustrations out in a smashing activity like a smash room?

Smash rooms are exactly as they sound, a room dedicated to destruction! Whether it’s been a tough quarter and everyone needs a bit of release or you have a high-strung crew that simply needs team-building activities that let them release some energy together, a smash room can be an exceptional option!

The staff will ensure you get all the safety equipment and tools you need to destroy anything and everything you want in the room, from electronics to furniture, to banging up the walls! Here are just a few of the locations that offer a smash room experience for fun team-building ideas:

  • iSmash Tampa

  • Smashbox20

  • Twisted Frenzy Rage Room

Pro tip: Make sure to check out each location to ensure they have exactly what your team needs to enjoy this creative team-building experience!  

Escape Rooms Team Building Activities

5) Team Building Activities For Tampa Offices Looking For A Delicious Experience

Some group activities in Tampa allow your employees to work together in a way they might not expect. Cooking classes are great team-building activities that give your team insight into one another’s everyday lives. They can either all work independently on a dish or work in groups to build team spirit through an activity people do every day.

One of the greatest advantages to these kinds of team-building activities is that you get to enjoy the fruit of their labor at the end of the class. Once all of the recipes are complete, these team-building activities in Tampa turn into a culinary experience you’ll surely never forget.

Everyone can sit down together and enjoy the meal or dishes they’ve each prepared and even a glass of wine after a long day of work. Why not turn that experience into one of your next team-building activities in Tampa?

Delicious Cooking Classes Team Building Activities In Tampa

6) A Challenging Corporate Team Building Event To Unleash Their Creativity

If you want to step outside of the box and plan a team-building event that really lets your employees unleash their creative energy, then consider glass-blowing classes. Not only is this something your employees would typically not do for themselves, but it allows them to forget about the day-to-day stresses of the office while they create something beautiful and learn a new skill.

All you need to do is contact one of the available studios in Tampa and bring your team to the class for an unforgettable team-building activity. Your instructors will provide all the necessary safety equipment and tools needed to create something truly beautiful. If any of your employees don’t want to try their hand at glass blowing, they can always watch as the instructor demonstrates their expertise for the class.

Here are a few places where you can create exciting team-building activities with glass blowing in Tampa:

  • Phoenix Studio & Gott Glass Gallery

  • Lyt-Lamps

Pro tip: Make sure to contact each studio to ensure they can accommodate your team! You will also be able to get an idea of what your employees will have the opportunity to make when you contact your instructors in advance.

Challenging Glass Blowing Activity In Tampa

7) Enjoy A Thrilling Puzzle Experience With Your Team

Perhaps one of the most entertaining ways to host a corporate event in Tampa is to take your team to an escape room location to test their wits and puzzle-solving skills together. Most escape rooms have several options to choose from as far as themes, so you can always split up into teams and turn the event into a competition to see who can escape their room the fastest!

You always get a few hints when trying to unlock the mysteries of an escape room, but you’ll have to work together as a team to find all the various clues and hints throughout the room to discover how to get out! You only have about an hour to solve the mysteries as you’re locked away inside, so be sure to work together to escape the room!

Here are a few of our favorite escape room experiences in Tampa:

  • The Great Escape Room Tampa

  • Gamers Excape – Escape Rooms

  • Can You Escape?

Check out each location’s room options and rates ahead of time to choose the best option for your next corporate outing.

The Great Escape Room Tampa For Team Building Activities

An Unforgettable Team Building Excursion Awaits

Now that you have an idea of all the ways you can bring your team closer together in Tampa, all you have to do is decide which excursion fits them the best. From spending the day solving puzzles to unleashing creative talents you didn’t know were there, there’s always a thrilling experience to discover here in Tampa.

Here at The Tropics Boat Tours, we pride ourselves on giving your party a fun and exciting experience on our private charter catamarans! When you choose our private charters, you not only have an expert guide to lead you to beautiful locations on the water, but we offer everything you need to stay comfortable and relaxed.

Prepare your team for an unforgettable day of fun in the sun. Reach out on our website to learn more about what’s included in your trip!

1 hour 45 minutes
Group Size
Up to 126

Dolphin Exploration Tours

Our Dolphin Exploration Tours will take you from Clearwater Bay out Clearwater Pass on the beautiful emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico (weather permitting) in search of the Sun Coast’s favorite….the Bottlenose Dolphin.

In addition to offering Guaranteed Dolphin Sightings*, your Captain will highlight some fascinating facts about the natural wonders our Gulf Coast offers as well as point out celebrity mansions along the way.

The tour offers something for everyone, including educational information on our area and our wildlife, and optional drink upgrades including unlimited beer and soft drinks for the adults!

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

1 hour 45 minutes
Group Size
Up to 126

Sunset Celebration Cruises

The Tropics Sunset Celebration Cruise will take you from Clearwater Bay through Clearwater Pass to the beautiful Gulf of Mexico (weather permitting).

Sail the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico as you view a breathtaking Florida sunset and — if you’re lucky you may witness the legendary green flash.

Your crew will point out some interesting facts about the natural wonders of the Gulf Coast as well as popular sights along the way. We are pleased to include a Complimentary Sunset Champagne Toast for all guests 21 and up."

Group Size
no limit

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